Java2Days 2013 : Modern workflows for JavaScript integration

For the past 4 years we (JugMK) have visited Java2days but this year I decided to have talk of my own. Java2days is somewhat local conference in a sense that the attendees are mosty from Bulgaria and some from Macedonia and Seriba, but it is definitely the best Java conference in the area.

How did I end up with the topic?

My last few projects required good integration of JavaScript with Java EE, so I decided to share my previous experience in a talk. The presentation included what's out there and how a good use of Yeoman  integrates nicely into Java EE project.

As for the demo, I went through the basic files of the Angular generator for Yeoman without getting into the specific of the scaffoldings of directives and other Angular specific features.

Img by @hsilomedus


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