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Google is removing search results?

Google has begun filtering results for searches that involve copyright  violation. In my opinion this is just a beginning of a series of events that are going to happen with the pretense of anti-piracy that will end up hurting freedom of speech  and eventuality things will become like 1984 if they haven't already...
Here is the image that I got searching for "gotye somebody that i used to know mp3"

As Michael McGraw-Herdeg pointed out in the comments, this has been here for long time. I don't remember seeing this in the past but apparently there is a law preventing Google and any other companies from displaying links like this...

Aria2 - awesome command line download manager

Back in my Windows days aka the dark ages, I was very into download managers.  This was probably because those days we had slow Internet like dial-up and cable with speeds up to 128 kbps down / 64 kbps up. So at this kind of speeds it makes more sense to use download managers, mostly  because you are waiting all the time and these managers made you feel that things moved faster even if sometimes that was not the case. Also, IE was very dominant browser at the time and when it crashed  you would have to re-download instead of just continue, that was the biggest reason why I was using FlashGet, Go!Zilla and of course Download Accelerator Plus.
I am still under the impression that most of these programs were "placebo" like, just making you feel that things are moving faster.

Nowadays download speed is rarely the issue, but sometimes we like to automate downloads. Great way to automate is using terminal based download manager. Aria2 has some very interesting features that we ca…