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LibreOffice: oosplash.bin eating 100% CPU

In some of the newer versions of LibreOffice, there is a problem with oosplash.bin,
for some unknown reason it's eating up the CPU.
The temp fix for this is to disable the loading of a splash screen by default.
So just edit
/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/sofficerc that is the symlink to

/etc/libreoffice/sofficerc And change

Logo=1 with Logo=0 and the splash screen should not appear. More on
LibreOffice: oosplash.bin eating 100% CPU (Page 1) / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums

NSND Ohrid

Nista se nece dogodite (NSND)  or roughly translated into English - Nothing will happen is a geek/hackers  unconference  where people get together to share knowledge about pretty much anything. This time it was in Ohrid and here are some of the stuff that didn't happen and i liked it.
So here are my favorites

Post-relational databases: What's wrong with web development?Dobrica Pavlinušić Dobrica taked about the web today, and how the  logic is moving to the browsers. AngularJS and more...

NPSS - Free Software strategies /policies and do they work (and why they suck?)  Igor StamatoskiIgor talked about the problems of implementing open source and open standard policies in Macedonia and how this policeis work in real life. As one of the authors of NPSS he shared his experiences. SQLAlchemy Blagoj Petrushev Good presentation about Object Relational Maping in general, and how SQLAlchemy  does it.SystemD the new init system for Linux Damjan Gergievski I unfortunaty missed this presenta…