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The brainfuck language is a programming language that is created by Urban Müller who wanted to create the smallest possible compiler so he created a language that is made up of pointers.Anyone who knows c/c++ hire is the equivalents of a c++ code:
> becomes++p;< becomes--p;+ becomes++*p;- becomes--*p;. becomesputchar(*p);, becomes*p = getchar();[ becomeswhile (*p) {] becomes}

This is what a hello world program looks like in Brainfuck:
++++++++++ [>+++++++>++++++++++>+++>+<<<<- array="" br="" in="" initial="" loop="" set="" the="" to="" up="" useful="" values="">>++. Print 'H' >+. Print 'e' +++++++. Print 'l' . Print 'l' +++. Print 'o' >++. …

Artistic skills

This is the place where your art is great even if you are not good at anything related to art .
The master peace on the right is my work.
it really is cool place.