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For the past 2 months with a  few colleagues from Netcetera, we have been working on something called RoboMap as an after-hours project. The idea was to create an autonomous robot that can get inside any room and create a map of the place.
Initially, we started with setup of WowWee Rovio +beagleboard+ Kinect on top of it. Great thing about this was that the programming side for controlling the robot  was extremely easy.  The Rovio has embedded HTTP server that accepts commands via HTTP requests and the control of the robot was done by simply sending and receiving data over HTTP.
The beagleboard  is running Ubuntu for ARM and after some time we realized that we needed more computing power so beagleboard currently works just as the proxy and  we send the Kinect data over WiFi.

On the desktop/laptop side, we read this data directly from the socket and we have written a Java program that reads the  Kinect data and accordingly controls the robot.  The biggest challenge at this point was sti…

Speed of the new Arch Mirror in Macedonia

A few day's ago arangel with hosting from neotel setup-ed  Arch Linux unofficial mirror.
The server URL for /etc/pacman.conf
Server =$repo/os/$arch The speed is awesome