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Selected podcasts from 2020

I tend to listen to a fair number of podcasts, and this year, I decided to reflect on a few episodes I really liked and opened up a new viewpoint. Does Advertising Actually Work?    Companies around the world spend more than half-a-trillion dollars each year on advertisements. This two-part podcast covers different viewpoints on how really it's worth it. The first part is focused on TV ads and their effectiveness and the second part is around digital ads. Considering this year, we had the Social Dilemma where there was a strong criticism on the "Big Tech" companies around having a strong impact by targeting and changing people's opinions. This takes a quite different angle around how little ads are actually effective or effectively used at a large scale. Is New York City Over?   The covid pandemic has hit the world's biggest city particularly hard.  Due to the rise of remote work, many folks decided to move out of the big city. Does that mean cities like New Yo

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