2015 conference talks

The past 2015 has been very eventful year for me on both professional and private plan. I got married, moved to Sweden, started working for Klarna and did a lot of talks on events around Europe, here are the recordings and summaries of them

JPrime 2015: the core libraries you always wanted

It was a great community event organized by BGJUG. I also got a chance to meet up with some of the friends there. One big highlight of the conf for me was beeing able to meet Bozho, one of the top contributors on StackOveflow. We even got a selfie but after an extensive search I am unable to find it. The team is preparing next year's event and they had few smaller events in the meantime like JProffesionals. In any case here is my talk on goodies from Guava:

Voxxed days Belgrade 2015: Microservice and distributed systems decoupling patterns

A first-time event for the Heap Space community and the best Voxxed event I have been( probably best of them all). Great content, awesome speakers and superb organization. Some photo from the organizers :

Devoxx BE 2015 : Updates to the Java API for JSON Processing for Java EE 8 with Alex Soto

It is one of the best conference in the Java world and I was delighted to have a talk with Alex on the JSR we have been working on. It's the latest additions to the JSON processing for Java EE. One mind blowing thing for me was that in parallel with us there was a talk by Andrew Tanenbaum. And yes it is THE Andrew Tanenbaum. While there were tons of other great stuff during the conference this was my personal highlight.

Same year I also talked on VoxxedDays Istanbul and had a panel on EOUS. I am happy to have taken part in all of these events and hope to have brought value to the folks who listen them. Until next time ...

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