NSND Ohrid

Nista se nece dogodite (NSND)  or roughly translated into English - Nothing will happen is a geek/hackers  unconference  where people get together to share knowledge about pretty much anything. This time it was in Ohrid and here are some of the stuff that didn't happen and i liked it.
So here are my favorites


  • SystemD the new init system for Linux
    • Damjan Gergievski
      • I unfortunaty missed this presentation and now I'm sorry for that but anyway i got to talk to Damjan and he explains me most of the general concepts. I current dont have much time to play around with systemD but I'm sure that it  is the future of Linux.
Also Bojan's recreation of intro from The Robots by Kraftwerk was pretty awesome, because he did it using a music programming languages and various cosine transformations  :)

The full list can be found on http://piratepad.net/nsndohrid

Some photos:



And the icons of NSND Ohrid

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