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Cliché all the way or "Year in review vs the Future"

Inspired by Martijn Verburg article on Java/JVM year in review I decided to write my own version of some public and some more personal events that happened during the past year. My idea is also to add some cliché section in the style of "New Year Resolutions".Looking back at 2013This has been quite an eventful year for me.JavaDay 2013In the middle of March we had JavaDay, a JugMK organized event, where I had two talks. One was called QueryDSL - Clean way to have SQL in your java applications and the other with a more unconventional name Premature optimization, is it normal where the various pros and cons of selected optimization were overviewed.The book

Functional Java Collections

This blog post crossposted and originally part of the 2012 edition Java Advent Calendar a lovely initiative from Attila-Mihaly Balazs and the Transilvania JUG 

There is a lot of functional hype these days so I would give a short overview on what is out there at least when it comes to collections in Java. Personally I like standard collections API but i some cases can be awkward and add additional verboseness. This should not be a problem in latter version of Java 8+. There we would probably worry about not creating callback hell but hey there is no silver bullet for most stuff why should there be one for programming?
The Guava Way Guava project is one of Google's core libraries where there are plenty of different core language aspects and problems covered. There are utilities and extensions for everyday usage like : collections, primitives, caching, common annotations, string processing, I/O, Math, Reflections and many others. We will only take a look at the Collections…

Java2Days 2013 : Modern workflows for JavaScript integration

For the past 4 years we (JugMK) have visited Java2days but this year I decided to have talk of my own. Java2days is somewhat local conference in a sense that the attendees are mosty from Bulgaria and some from Macedonia and Seriba, but it is definitely the best Java conference in the area.

How did I end up with the topic?

My last few projects required good integration of JavaScript with Java EE, so I decided to share my previous experience in a talk. The presentation included what's out there and how a good use of Yeoman  integrates nicely into Java EE project.

As for the demo, I went through the basic files of the Angular generator for Yeoman without getting into the specific of the scaffoldings of directives and other Angular specific features.

Web Jars - Javascript in a JAR webjars.orgYeoman yeoman.ioGrunt, task runner gruntjs.comNode package manager NPM npmjs.orgKarma test karma-runner.github.ioShameless promo html5 data and services cookbook