Best of science fiction movies for 2011 or my sci-fi top 10

We can't really  say that this was one of the best years of sci-fi movies, maybe the year of remakes and sequels/prequels but there were few that were worth mentioning, so here we go:
10. Battle: Los Angeles

There are these kick-ass aliens coming to Earth with an invasion plan that includes taking over all major cities throughout the world. US has figured it out what is happening at the last minute bit it is too late. So since most of the bases are destroyed LA relies on the marines to save the day.  It has a lot of similarities to 'The war of the worlds' but with shooting and killing all over the place and that is all you should expect. A great action movie with awesome special effects but nothing more.

9. Source Code
Another great action thriller centered on officer Colter Stevens who wakes up in the body of an unknown man and discovers he's part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. The soldier, played by  Jake Gyllenhaal meets Michelle Monaghan, but since they’re both going to die in just a few minutes, well, there’s not much point in making friends. Also, I must say it bears a strong resemblance to classic 12 Monkeys.

8.Another Earth
On the night when duplicate planet shows up in the solar system, an ambitious young student and an accomplished composer cross paths in a tragic car accident. Let's say that a planet showing up from nowhere into our solar system somehow does not disturb the natural rotation of the planets and has no physical implications whatsoever to anything why would anyone pick such a painful topic ? This film is a  great tragedy but not a sci-fi movie, expect to the fact that a planet shows up from nowhere it is just painful and too slow. During the entire film, you are going to feel like an ant pushing some big burden towards some pointless goal. So why is it even on this list? Well, it opens up a few questions for us. What would we say to ourself in  the other planet? Are they different from us? Is the other me a better person?
Has he/she done the same mistakes? Are we going to do the same choices in the future?

7. Super 8
Another great J.J.Abrams movie, so  what is the story:
"In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident. Shortly after, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, and the local Deputy tries to uncover the truth - something more terrifying than any of them could have imagined."
Many people say that this was the greatest movie of this year but not me. This is not because there were many great ones but because Super 8 did not offer something new. On the plus side, it has a big resemblance to Stephen King's 'Stand by me' with alien and military included. The good thing is that  Abrams is becoming more and more influential in the world of science fiction and the support from Spielberg definitely does not hurt.

6. Rise of the planet of the Apes

The original ‘Planet of the Apes’ is a classic film, with many memorable scenes like the one when Charlton Heston comes across a half-buried Statue of Liberty. This film is in a way prequel to the original and it offers  a believable  explanation as to how humans become second-class citizens. Cure for Alzheimer's disease creates genetically-enhanced chimpanzee uses its greater intelligence to lead other apes to freedom. That chimp is the well known Cesar ...

5. The Adjustment Bureau 

The story is about an affair between a politician and a ballerina is affected by mysterious forces keeping the lovers apart. This is a  surprisingly engaging romance, based on a Philip K. Dick short story called Adjustment Team. The move starred Matt Damon as the politician David Norris who meets this beautiful ballet dancer Elise Sellas, played by Emily Blunt. The politician finds out that there are forces keeping them apart and he sacrifices everything to get the girl. Undoubtedly a great romance with a taste of fiction and great acting worth watching.

4. The Thing 

I loved the original 'The Thing' and for those of you who haven't seen it go for it right away, seriously find it on-line get it from amazon, just get it. The original has John Carpenter all over it and the role of R.J. MacReady is just perfect for Kurt Russel. The story of this movie comes from John W. Campbell Jr. and it's about scientists in the Antarctic that are confronted by a shape-shifting alien who very is killing. The remake is not as good as the original but it offers a modernized version of the story and I believe that is worth seeing.

3. Limitless 

Interesting concept about a wonder drug that allows super human abilities. A failed writer takes this experimental drug that allows him to use 100 percent of his mind. When on the drug he evolves into the perfect version of himself, perfect intelligence and with that best possible decision-making. Again not the classic sci-fi but extraordinary acting by Bradley Cooper and this movie becomes a great thriller.

2. Real Steel 
More of a family movie than a classical sci-fi, Real Steal is set t in the near future, where robot boxing is a top sport. Robo boxer, played by
Hugh Jackman, during his rise to the top, he discovers he has an 11-year-old son who wants to know his father. Together they try to make a mark on the robot boxing industry. The movie has elements of Rocky in it and that is not just because its about boxing. The reason, why I liked this film so much, is because it is very believable that in the near future we could have something like this. Lot of innovation has been done in the name of entertainment why not boxing robots?   

1. X-Men: First Class

I'm usually skeptical about prequels because sometime they try too much to explain how characters we know became those characters. This was not the case for First Class, yes it did show what the lives were for Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr before they took the names Professor X and Magneto, but they did it in a very interesting manner.  It showed how Magneto and Professor X discovered their power's and how close they were before becoming archenemies. In the process of working together, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto's Brotherhood and Professor X's X-MEN.  After watching it, I must say that X-Men world makes more sense, at least to those of us who only watched the movies...

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