Apr 12, 2011

Knuth in a year or two, and more...

 The idea is similar to http://www.ibiblio.org/taocprg/. Generally speaking the motivation is also very similar, so let see:

The Motivation

I do have an Informatics and Computer Engineering diploma degree(well in a month or two) but we have only passed some of the parts of TAOCP and definitely not in that much detail. Also, this fits nicely with my idea to go back to the basics once more. I have been working in Java EE, and I feel that web application programming does not give too much space for using innovation at least not in using algorithms that are a little bit more advanced. Java haters would now say that this is because I'm using Java, but that is definitely not the case, I have also used python and a little bit of clojure and this does not change the problem. Yeah maybe some language is more elegant for some job but in the end, it is just a language. Now yes I was working on financial products, but that does not give me any excuse, maybe some other web apps require another skill set. Also, I think that if I had better algorithmic knowledge, that maybe I would not make some mistakes, also it's fun.

The plan

The Art of Computer Programming series are currently on the plan, but also I'm planning on going back to C once more, Little bit of Unix programming for I believe that Linux System Programming: Talking Directly to the Kernel and C Library would be a good start then I think that next good step would be Operating Systems Design and Implementation (3rd Edition). And we'll see what would be next.

The best part is last

I'm not alone (YEAH!!! ). I have found at least one other person interested in the project so this will be great.

We are going to make a reading plan in a day or two. And we will try to make regular meetings each week, the first few months will probably the meetings will take place in "Кика - Хаклаб" and they will be open, during the summer we'll move everything online.

You don't have to be from Macedonia to join us!

Currently, you can find us at #lugola, irc.freenode.org

We are going to post the plan shortly

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