Now here comes our offer to pull you into the robotics world:
Let us show you how to build your own robots through lectures, practical work and a competition at the end of many awards.

But we are limited to 30 people!
What are you waiting for?
Just apply via our website!!!
There you can find all the information needed.
And for those, who are already experienced in this field and want to apply for the competition only take your own robot with you and join us in RoboMAC!
We promise you lots of fun and awards.
Are you interested?
Go on reading…

From 22nd February - 1st March 2009, RoboMAC will take place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje, Macedonia.

IEEE Student Branch Macedonia and BEST-Skopje want to give 30 engineering students the chance to apply for our 5 days training with professors from our University (23-27 February) and the competition (28 February).
For those lucky students, we will provide accommodation, food, local transportation, material for the robots, fun and much more...
Prior experience is required in one of these areas: Electronics, Programming, Automatics or, you guessed it, Robotics.

If you are not one of the lucky 30 you can apply for the competition (28 February).
We won’t leave you alone, of course, we will help you anyways with our unlimited Macedonian hospitality.
You can apply individually or as groups of 2-3 people and bring your own robots to exhibit during the competition and apply to any category that you are interested in. If you apply just for the competition that will take place on the 28th February write that under: Not listed experience.

The categories are as follows: mini-sumo, maze-solving, swarm intelligence, and humanoid. Regulations will be announced in English at

Application DL: Thursday, 29 January 2009 00:00 CET via our web-site!!!
The accepted students will be informed on the 1st February via e-mail.

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