Aug 20, 2008

CodeSwarm - Organic software visualization of project repositories

Before I start there is documentation on the project's wiki in case something is different from my tryout.

First I did checkout of the project with my svn client from codeswarm-read-only


in the downloaded folder ///...codeSwarm/ i run ant .

there is and run.bat

the default location for the sample config file is ../data/sample.config witch uses ../data/sample-repevents.xml

you can play around with sample.config file for now. Some more detailed explanation for it I'll sent in some of the later posts. There are lot's of information on the wiki and in the comments of the config file...

Here is one of my first videos
Click on SvnGenrep for full HD

SvnGenrep from Mite Mitreski on Vimeo

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